How to Train Your Dog Like a Pro

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When you decide to adopt or buy a puppy, you must remember that the digestive system works very quickly. So every 15-30 minutes after eating, your puppy will feel the need to urinate and defecate. That’s why you have to regularly bring it out.

  • Make sure the dog has a place to relieve itself which seems and smells familiar and where it feels safe.
  • Every morning takes it out at the same time and place. In this way he will get used to quickly. Also carry your puppy outside after he wakes up nap.
  • If you are angry because puppies urinate and defecate everywhere, he feels it, emphasized, and learned a little. Use a friendly voice, and be patient when you train your little friend.
  • After your puppy managed to go outside, it’s important to appreciate good behavior.
  • Do not punish your pet if he does it outside the permitted area. Calmly release puppies to the place where you want him to leave.
  • Remember that if you want your puppy to learn habits, it’s important to build a routine by bringing your puppy out to the same public area and at the same time.

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